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Re: "It's the antenna, stupid!"

Jim Shorney wrote:

> Dunno, maybe the bird is getting hammered less over 6-land than over
> central US. 

In the past it's been noted that folks on both US coasts always have an 
easier time getting in, especially when the station is out over the 
ocean with only a fraction of its footprint over land.

> Or maybe it's the same user logging into the mailbox and
> sucking up bandwidth on every pass I check.

Over on this coast it's not the same user every time. But there's 
*always* packets on the downlink for somebody who decided this was the 
time to learn how to play PBBS, with a station that is *gauranteed* to 
be out of range before you're done.

 > I would suggest that to ask ISS to serve as both a PMS and
> a UI digi is too much to ask.

Maybe it's just the urge to have one's callsign blazed across the sky in 
that string of <<RR>> and <<D>> packets long after ISS has set that 
makes people do that, I dunno...

73 de Maggie K3XS

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