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Re: "It's the antenna, stupid!"

I use 5 watts into two loops which are switched by software depending on
the pass. One loop is North South the other is East West. Both Loops
are elevated about 15 feet from the ground. The Printer port toggles
the relay (Mounted at the Mast) when ISS falls within my footprint and
selects the correct loop (closest Loop first) then switches as the
track progresses.

Antenna adjustments, Timing and alot of patience seems to work
from my location.



on 8/4/02 10:09 PM, John Rice at rice@vx5.com wrote:

> Scott,
> You don't really understand the issues here. California enjoys a big window
> of no or limited qrm as ISS comes over the horizon from the west. You are
> only dealing with competition from a couple of states for the early part of
> the pass. Of course it's not hard to get a signal in edgewise in that
> situation.
> On the other hand, the rest of the country is subject to increasing amounts
> of competition as ISS moves eastward.By the time it hits the east coast,
> half of the country is in range, trying to put a signal in. A whole
> different situation entirely.....
> John - K9IJ

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