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RE: ISS Voice QRM problem

Hi Mike and others,

It's nice to know that you made only one QSO giving others a chance to work ISS. That's the "correct" behaviour in my opinion. I also understand the famous 'if you can beat them, to join them". It works in many situations of our life. But I prefer to think that ham radio should be a hobby where friendship and mutual comprehension should stand over, leading us to an higher level of human relationships. I know that this is absolutely an utopia but you don't have to pay thousands of bucks to dream with it.
Let me share something with you. For several weeks I went to an high mountain with my car equipment consisting of a 4 watts VHF Handheld and a mag mount antenna. At that time there was a very big activity from Jean Pierre aboard of MIR. He was active almost every european pass as he was trying to talk with his french friends and family. I spent many hours triyng the contact without success. I used to eat something in a small bar while I was waiting for the pass times. The owner of the bar became interested about the space ham stories I told him. I could share my passion with someone that didn't know it was possible to communicate with the astronauts. One day I was parked near the local radio station and I said to a friend of mine: "Come with me, I am going to listen a french cosmonaut making radio contacts". He laught. That Saturday morning was a magic moment. I was able to make a QSO with MIR with only 4 watts and a mag mount. There were plenty of buildings around me and my window was short. It's really impossible to describe what I felt that time. This was one of the most exciting moments of my ham existence.

It's this kind of sensations were are talking about.......

Paulo, CT1ETE

> Sorry to sound crude... but this is an old story.  I used to be one of the
> whiners about the big stations, and how it was damn near impossible
> to get a contact on the FM birds.  ISS is nothing but an FM bird when
> it comes to that.
> So I finally decided if I couldn't beat them, to join them.  Yes, I have
> some good antennae.  Yes, I mounted 100 and 160 watt amps right on
> the tower.  Pre-amps too.  And yes, I run that much ERP sometimes.
> Some of you will say it isn't needed.  I will say, it shouldn't be.  But
> real-world, sometimes it is.  And the amount of people complaining
> is the proof that this is so.
> So I made my contact with RS0ISS.  Only one, and not on the first day
> even.  Had the chance for a few more, but one is enough.  For me.
> The point is... whining about it isn't going to change it.  You can make
> your station capable of competing against the "BIG GUNS", or you can
> trust to luck for your contact, and complain to the list when you don't
> make it.  Position A will get you the contact.  Position B will get you
> frustration.  Perhaps I am a part of the problem.  Had I not built a
> better station, and kept whining about not getting a contact, maybe it
> would have made a difference.  I doubt it.
> Again, sorry to sound crude, but this is an old story.  I wish you luck,
> but truthfully, if we both are calling, and I cannot hear you, and I am
> stronger than you, I will get the contact.  Maybe somebody will
> designate a "QRP" day.  Maybe everyone will obey that rule.   ?????
> Mike.  KD9KC
> El Paso, Texas.
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Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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