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RE: ISS Voice QRM problem

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> I agree with you... I haven't made a voice or packet contact
> yet .Still trying . I have always worked QRP.
> I can only carry an HT on business trips.
> Would love to work the ISS with 5 watts . There are a lot of
> station who talks before they listen .
> Brian and all,
> hi from the NW of Spain.
> totally agree with you...
> I´ve been trying to make a phone QSO with the ISS with my HT for some
> years with no luck...

Sorry to sound crude... but this is an old story.  I used to be one of the
whiners about the big stations, and how it was damn near impossible
to get a contact on the FM birds.  ISS is nothing but an FM bird when
it comes to that.

So I finally decided if I couldn't beat them, to join them.  Yes, I have
some good antennae.  Yes, I mounted 100 and 160 watt amps right on
the tower.  Pre-amps too.  And yes, I run that much ERP sometimes.

Some of you will say it isn't needed.  I will say, it shouldn't be.  But
real-world, sometimes it is.  And the amount of people complaining
is the proof that this is so.

So I made my contact with RS0ISS.  Only one, and not on the first day
even.  Had the chance for a few more, but one is enough.  For me.

The point is... whining about it isn't going to change it.  You can make
your station capable of competing against the "BIG GUNS", or you can
trust to luck for your contact, and complain to the list when you don't
make it.  Position A will get you the contact.  Position B will get you
frustration.  Perhaps I am a part of the problem.  Had I not built a
better station, and kept whining about not getting a contact, maybe it
would have made a difference.  I doubt it.

Again, sorry to sound crude, but this is an old story.  I wish you luck,
but truthfully, if we both are calling, and I cannot hear you, and I am
stronger than you, I will get the contact.  Maybe somebody will
designate a "QRP" day.  Maybe everyone will obey that rule.   ?????

Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, Texas.

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