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Re: ISS Voice Contact Question

At 03:37 PM 01/08/2002 -0500, Charlie Schlieper wrote:

>On Tuesday, July 30th, at 2341Z, I worked Sergei aboard the ISS
>on VOICE.  I understood everything except the call he was using.
>I didn't want to ask him to repeat it again, as I had already missed
>it several times.
>I logged RZ3FU because I knew that was his personal callsign,
>but I sure don't think that was what he was saying at the time.
>It's not real important, but it's nice to have the correct callsign
>when you work someone.   It didn't seem to be any of the standard
>ISS calls I was familiar with (RS0ISS, RZ3FK, NA1SS, etc.).
>Does anyone happen to know?   Thanks....
>Charlie Schlieper, N5TD
>Temple, Texas
>< n5td@vvm.com >

     I worked him at 00:08 UTC on 29 July 2002, and he clearly was signing 
RS0ISS.  In fact, as he passed out over the Atlantic there were few takers 
and he called CQ several times.  I'm 99.99% sure he always said 
RS0ISS.  Hope this helps.

73, Paul VE1DX

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