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Re: ISS Voice Contact Question

Charlie Schlieper wrote:

> I logged RZ3FU because I knew that was his personal callsign,
> but I sure don't think that was what he was saying at the time.
> It's not real important, but it's nice to have the correct callsign
> when you work someone.   It didn't seem to be any of the standard
> ISS calls I was familiar with (RS0ISS, RZ3FK, NA1SS, etc.).
> Does anyone happen to know?   Thanks....  

I just now (about 1750z) heard somebody working on the ISS downlink freq 
and I thought I heard a 4 in the callsign. Unfortunatly I didn't tune in 
until they were already pretty much in eclipse behind my house. I hope 
they're still on the air on the next orbit...by now they are over EU

73 de Maggie K3XS

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