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ISS Voice QRM problem


It seems like allmost everyone trying to call ISS dont care about anyone
When ISS answer a call, ground stations just keep calling.
If ISS calls XXXXXX back, XXXXXX dont have a chance, becourse everyone else
keep calling.
This way no one ever get a short qso with ISS, insted ISS hears alot of QRM,
and thats no fun for the ham on ISS, so for how long will they keep using
the hamradio?

One thing that realy piss me off  (sorry) is some stations here in Europe
that have had qso with ISS before. Ive heard there calls on alot of passes,
and they still keep comming, they dont give any other stations a chance. ISS
could be worked with a ht or mobil, if they where given a chance, but with
bigguns calling on every pass, they dont have a chance. And thats not fun
for long.
ISS is a great deal for all hams, but with bigguns calling on most passes,
and keep calling after Qsos, this come to a deal only for biggun hams, with
no respect for others.

Ive eaven seen stations spot like this : XXXXXX 145.800 RS0ISS My third QSO
with ISS

Now im not a crazy person, but i could get there very easy with those spots.

Now ive got that out of the system, i urge hams allready worked ISS, to give
others a chance.

Thank you and good luck to all.

OZ1SKY Denmark.

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