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1721 UTC Independence Day QSO with Valery Korzun on ISS!

Hi Everyone!
Valery was again active on voice over the USA - wishing all a Happy
Independence Day!
I was one of the "Very Lucky" stations to speak to him!

Valery returned my call at 1721 UTC during the last half of the pass at
18 degrees in Greenville SC.
(I was running 100 watts into a KLM 2M-22C with 50 ft coax)

(I said to him in Russian)
Thank you my name is Al, Good Afternoon,
This is Kilo Delta 4 Sierra Foxtrot Foxtrot
Thank you Valery for QSO
All the hams here wish you and the crew a "Happy 4th of July" here from
the United States, my QTH is South Carolina
I'll let you go Valery - 73 - nice 59 signal

KILO DELTA FOUR SIERRA FOXTROT FOXTROT - Al, nice to meet you.  Thank you
for your wishes- thanks a lot for whole crew and have a good weekend.
Thank you from Expedition Five for Independence Day - 73

Have a safe and "HAPPY 4th of July"
Good Luck on the next pass
73 - Al - KD4SFF
PS - I just realized I added another HOLIDAY QSO to my list of SAREX
contacts!  I've had contacts on Easter, Memorial Day, Christmas & now
Maybe one of these days I can achieve "Worked all Holidays" 
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