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Re: Re: SAREX-digest V2002 #151

On 1 Jul 2002 at 6:08, Frank H. Bauer wrote:

> So, is the BBS open for business?  It has always been there but the ARISS 
> and APRS teams have discouraged their use.

This is kind of like saying, "Starbucks is open for business, but the 
coffee is too hot and dangerous for you, so you are discouraged 
from drinking it.  (But you are permitted to stand by and watch other 
people enjoy it.)" 

I have carried on unproto QSO's many times on regular packet 
frequencies where there were numerous other stations accessing a 
BBS system (back when packet was a popular mode).  The ISS 
PMS can only take one-at-a-time, and that ONE person is not 
killing the comms for everyone else.  Higher bandwidth?  Sure.  But 
its not stopping others from using unproto.... go watch a pass 
sometime, there is plenty of activity.  It is only serving to get others 
labelled as "lids" because they would like to leave a message for 
the crew, and with a little luck even get a reply from the crew.  I 
thought that was, in fact, what the PMS was to be used for!

Valery might enjoy exchanging packet mail with hams (after all, he 
did take the time to load up some packet software and hook up a 
computer to the TNC!), but your "request" is stopping many of us 
from trying it.  C'mon Frank (and Team)... please reverse your 
decision on this!

73 de Stan/W4SV

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