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RE: ISS BBS open for business?

Looks like I got my wish, Edwards was used :)  Neat!

On the current subject;  WOW!!!  Over 800 pieces of traffic!

I've said it before and I may say it again (brain fade),
if the ISS is going to be used as a 'maildrop' in the sky
then perhaps there needs to be some form on NOS (JNOS, MF
NOS, TNOS, etc) that will pass traffic using one of the
low level fully-automated machine protocols like SMTP,
NNTP, pop3, etc...

I'm sure there are reasons some can come up with that
this WON'T work, but I'm not convinced!!!  I believe
that just as some folks are 'afraid' of computers in
general - there are packeteers that are 'afraid' of
TCP/IP and believe AX.25 to be the ONLY way to go.
In this I disagree, whole heartedly. (can you guess ;)

What with the evolution and institution of ELKS and
BlueCat Embedded Firmware Linux in the satellite world
it seems like one of the only logical paths to explore.

Heck!  Even Palm-Pilots r running Embedded Linux nowdays :)

I know weight and stowage space is a large concern, but
much less so than it was aboard MIR or STS, and with the
advent and ease that deliveries are being made to 'the
station', it doesn't seem impossible to transport a very
small 'cube' containing a MB and associated HW loaded
with Linux OS in it's EPROM to serve this purpose, along
with an additional TNC - perhaps even integral to the cube.

Why!  Even the tranceiver could be integrated into the one
small cube (or whatever) as the power levels don't seem to
necessarily be that high on xmit from there-to-here...
Surely with the size of HT's today, someone in the Ham
community has the ability to design a 2m, 220, or 70cm
FM transceiver on a half or 1/3size daughter card that
can put out 5w ?!

I would imagine this would be seperate from the current
TNC and xcvr and would operate independantly to handle
those that wish to use ISS as a 'highlevel popserver',
leaving the current hardware available for incidental traffic
and live operator usage (school contacts, Amateur Voice, APRS)
and general recreation for the 'hams' on board.  Maybe even
send some photos home (or to the Amateur Community) via one
of the stations with a longer passwindow.

And since I've seen some commenting re: "space" being a
seperate domain, why not 'make it so', by assigning a
Class-A network IP to it (like ampr.org uses 44.#.#.#).

There it is!  A storm in da brain that HAD to be let out :)
Thanks for the bandwidth...  'Scuze any rambling...


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On Sun, 30 Jun 2002, Cap Pennell wrote:

> Has everybody followed the _current_ rules?  hi hi  What have we got, 857
> (or so) messages on the PMS so far, when there are supposed to be NONE?
> I just wish the "power-PMS-users" (read: LIDs) would only occupy the entire
> pass every once in a long while, instead of on _every_ pass.  But I suppose
> it's a lost cause to think they'll ever consider anybody but themselves.  I
> sometimes wonder how someone can function with that much vanity.
> > I monitored today as VO1CAT received a personal message from
> > Valery on the ISS packet BBS.  So can we now get NASA's official
> > blessing to use the PMS?  Or are there going to be other "rules"
> > established concerning its use?

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