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Re: Field Day and ISS

When I spoke to Valery (22-June) I told him he probably had a problem with the mic because the voice was very low. Immediately he fixed the problem. So he knows how to do it maybe he forget sometimes. You can hear this by downloading http://www.qsl.net/ct1ete/valery22062002.mp3

73 CT1ETE, Paulo

> All,
> Next time please remind Valery to put the mic closer to his mouth.  The mic 
> almost has to be touching their lips.
> The David Clark headset has a noise cancelling mic.  If it is not real 
> close, it assumes your voice is noise and will cancel it.  We seem to have 
> this problem at the beginning of each increment.  After they become 
> seasoned, the problem goes away.
> 73,  Frank

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