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Re: ISS Field Day Classification and a few questions...

> What region is space?  Should the ARRL have a section for space?!  If 
> there are people (Americans) living in space (now and in the future), 
> shouldn't they be able to participate in Field Day.  When people 
> finally live in space, I'm sure they will have hobbies like amateur 
> radio.  In reality, this is a true statement today!  We have Amateur 
> radio hobbyists living in space!

If only one member of the ISS crew is an American, would he/she be the 
SM by default?  Would he/she be able to submit a write-up for the Field 
Organization Forum for QST every month?  That would be a fun one to 
read .. LOL ..

I think the idea of having a "space" section is a bit ahead of its time, 
but given our current population pressure and what may be an inevitable 
drive to colonize off of Earth, there may be a time when it's 
necessary.  I think the ARRL and IARU will have to roll with that as it 
happens -- as soon as there are hams operating from LEO on a regular 
basis, and possibly farther out as well, we may well see this.  Legally, 
space is considered "international" territory, at least for now, so I 
don't know if the ARRL will have jurisdiction, but certainly the IARU 
will need to think about it ..

"Go ahead and do it, you can apologize later." -- RADM Grace Hopper, 
"The sunset is an illusion, but the beauty is real." -- Richard Bach

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