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Re: ISS Amateur Radio Status: June 25, 2002

>> In this case the
>> International Space Station Alpha was running on pure solar power and 
>> they
>> had 1 transmitter in the amateur radio bands running, for a category 
>> called
>> "1A".
> 'Technically', ISS should probably have been Class 1B - Battery, rather 
> than 1A, but
> it's a bit late to get it correct, now.

Hmm .. if the original source of the energy was the solar panels, which 
on ISS is almost certain to be the case, I would think that would count 
as a 1A even if the energy was stored in the station's batteries for a 
while.  I may very well be wrong on that, but I certainly would be 
comfortable with calling ISS a 1A station ..

Heard from a flight instructor:
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going out and having to identify your bits and pieces in the midst of 
torn and twisted metal."

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