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Re: ISS Amateur Radio Status: June 25, 2002

At 07:01 PM 6/25/2002 -0500, John K9IJ wrote:
>'Technically', ISS should probably have been Class 1B - Battery, rather 
>than 1A, but
>it's a bit late to get it correct, now.

As long as we're armchair lawyering ...

I would say class 1C, since it's a station in a "vehicle capable of 
operating while in motion and normally operated in this manner." 
Aeronautical mobile is specifically included in this class, for instance.

It can't be A or B, because the station wasn't set up specifically for 
Field Day and uses facilities installed for permanent station use.

If you think the ISS is territory rather than a vehicle, then it has to be 
E, since there are no commercial power mains up there.

And actually, it doesn't matter, because ISS is not within IARU Region 2, 
and thus is not eligible to submit an entry for ARRL Field Day.

73  -Paul

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