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Re: ISS Amateur Radio Status: June 25, 2002

At 04:31 PM 6/25/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>ISS Amateur Radio Status: June 25, 2002
>By Miles Mann WF1F,
>MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)
>During our short conversation, Commander Korzan had a few questions about
>some of the operating procedures for a Radio contests which was taking place
>during that weekend.  The radio contest is called Field day and is sponsored
>by a radio magazine.


This statement is incorrect and  VERY dissapointing. I can't believe that 
you are
not aware that Field Day is sponsored by the ARRL, which is most definitely NOT
"a radio magazine".

If you 'don't' know the sponsor and purpose of Field Day, you need to be 
I could have sworn that the ARRL was a primary sponsor and participant in

>One of the goals in this contest is to talk to as many
>people as possible by Amateur Radio in a 24-hour period.  Another goal is to
>prepare amateur radio operators for operation from remote locations in case
>of an emergency.  During this contest, the radio operators exchange
>information such as the number of transmitters in operation and the source
>of your electricity (commercial power, generator, etc.).  In this case the
>International Space Station Alpha was running on pure solar power and they
>had 1 transmitter in the amateur radio bands running, for a category called

'Technically', ISS should probably have been Class 1B - Battery, rather 
than 1A, but
it's a bit late to get it correct, now.

John - K9IJ
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John Rice  K9IJ
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