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ISS Field Day Voice Contact

Everyone!  Please tell us what you were running for equipment!  I always 
find it interesting in what people got to work!  Besides, lets say you were 
using the Arrow Antenna and had good luck with it, maybe others out here 
would want to try that route 
(http://www.arrowantennas.com/146-437.html).  I'm hoping that some of you 
have built Jerry's antenna (http://members.aol.com/k5oe/).  I'm working on 
an Eggbeater II with a little change in materials.  I'll let everyone know 
how it goes.  So lets hear it...what did you run for Field Day?!

Antenna =
Amplifier (Y/N)=
Watts Out (with or without an amp)
Rotor or Armstrong=
Tracking Software  (you better say InstantTrack!)

Antenna was home built 9 element horizontal beam (or a K5OE Eggbeater II, 
Arrow, etc)
Radio was Yaesu 847 (hand held, FM rig, etc...)
Amplifier TE Systems brick (YES!  You have to, to compete!)
Watts out was 160
Manual rotor with loose u-bolts (armstrong) (or we just held it and pointed!)
STSPLUS version 0123 (online report from Heavens-Above.com, etc)

Thank You!!!


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