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Quick Service

Hey fellows, we got us a real dedicated ham on board the ISS now. During my 
Field Day contact with Valery on Saturday at 23:46 UTC, I pleaded with him 
to turn the packet on when he was done with his voice operation. He replied 
that it was broke and he would fix it next week. Well, it didn't take very 
long at all, and now packet has been restored. What a guy! I also was 
wondering how much sleep Valery got this weekend as he seemed to be on quite 
a few US passes durning the contest. Nice to have someone up there that 
really enjoys the radio and seems to take more then a passing interest in 
it. With this crew, and in particular Valery, I think everyone has a real 
good shot at making a ISS QSO. 73 Keith N4ZQ

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