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Robert Oler wrote:
> Enjoy your posting this.

Robert, if you enjoy the HSF digest, maybe you should subscribe to it 
directly as Arthur has. My point was that if we constantly get it 
crossposted to SAREX, then the people on SAREX have no choice in the 
matter in regard to receiving the NASA releases. And they get them later 
than direct subscribers do.

In general, the output of one list should not be crossposted to another, 
so that people can pick and choose individually what traffic they they 

For me to filter out the noise based on who sent it is very wasteful of 
AMSAT bandwidth.The next time someone wants to knw why AMSAT-BB is so 
slow getting out, one answer will be that the server is also busy sending 
copies of stuff the NASA is perfectly willing to send on their dime.

But I'll do that if that's what's necessary; one person needing to see 
his name on the list every day isn't a good enough reason for me to have 
to wade though it. It used to be packet logs, now it's this.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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