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Re: ISS voice over USA

We tried valiantly from our field day site to work Valery, but his time
was, in my opinion, monopolized for practically the entire 1850 pass.  The
contacts were not "short" and he was "worked too much" to the extent that
he repeatedly worked one station over the throng of others that were
undoubtedly trying to get the contact and the credit.

We were operating battery and emergency generated power, I am guessing that
the station working him on that pass was "one-delta" with no intention of
submitting a Field Day score report.

I did not copy the entire call of the station he was working.  My fellow
operators were disappointed and a little incredulous that, during Field Day
itself, the hottest catch of the day was being drawn into a ragchew.

The EXACT same thing happened to Susan Helms during Field Day 2001 - an
entire pass consumed with a Field Day exchange lesson - even though any
valid 2-way QSO with Susan could have been used for credit by any ground
station whether she knew if she was 1B, 1D or whatever.

That ragchew probably took 10 or more stations out of an opportunity for a

Thanks again.

Brent, VE1JH
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