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Re: ISS Voice contact

At 02:48 PM 22/06/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Valery RS0ISS was active on the 20:20 UTC pass.  I answered his QRZ and to
>my amazement, he replied with my call sign.  I've been trying
>(unsuccessfully) to get a voice contact since way back in the MIR days.  I
>made this contact running 5 watts into a 5 element yagi.  He worked a number
>of other stations, but I was so excited, I failed to write down any other
>call signs.
>If anyone has a recording of this pass, I'd appreciate getting a chance to
>hear it.
>Ron KC7RS
>Boise, Idaho

     Congratulations, Ron!  It got really easy with MIR in the early 
1990's, but ISS has been a toughie.  Closest I came was over a year ago 
when I heard one of the astronauts signing with a W1 as they were passing 
over Nova Scotia, and then he said something like "Sorry guys, got a sked 
with Houston, 73" and he was gone.  I never heard them again.  Glad to hear 
you and others are making it.

     I obviously don't have a recording, but no doubt someone does.  Hope 
you can get a copy.  Again, congrats.  And back I go to listening . . .

73/DX Paul VE1DX (QSL via VE1YX)

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