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Field Day


Prior to her flight, Peggy Whitson, KC5ZTD stated that she was interested 
in supporting field day if she had time in her schedule.  As many know, the 
shuttle arrived to space station a week later than planned and the crew is 
spending a lot of time unloading equipment and setting up new equipment, so 
it is not certain that she will be available.

This past week we have uplinked some information to her on field 
day.  Included in that were some opportunities over various areas for field 

The specific opportunities that she was given included:

22 June  18:40 UTC-19:00 UTC  U.S. Pass
22 June  20:17 UTC-20:37 UTC  U.S. Pass
22 June  21:54 UTC-22:14 UTC  U.S. Pass
22 June  23:30 UTC-23:52 UTC  U.S. Pass
23 June  10:01 UTC-10:21 UTC  Europe Pass
23 June  10:33 UTC-10:56 UTC  Asia/Australia Pass
23 June  12:14 UTC-12:32 UTC  Australia Pass
23 June  13:16 UTC-13:35 UTC  Europe Pass
23 June  16:08 UTC-16:28 UTC  U.S. Pass
23 June  17:44 UTC-18:06 UTC  U.S. Pass
23 June  19:21 UTC-19:41 UTC  U.S. Pass
23 June  20:58 UTC-21:00 UTC  U.S. Pass

If she operates, she will be using the designator 1A ISS.  Frequencies of 
operation include the following:

145.80 Downlink  Worldwide
144.49 Uplink Regions 2 & 3 (americas, asia, australia)
145.20 Uplink Region 1 (Europe, Africa)

For more details on ARISS, see the ARISS web page:


As I stated there is no guarantee that she will be on the radio.  Let's all 
cross our fingers and hope she is there.

Good Luck on Field Day!!

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

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