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STS-111 Final Status Report

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

The 14th shuttle mission to the International Space Station came to a
close today when Space Shuttle Endeavour touched down at 12:58 p.m. CDT
(1758 GMT) at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Endeavour's landing also
marks the end of the record-setting stay in space by the Expedition Four
crew. The landing site was switched to Edwards after three days of wave
offs at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., due to unacceptable weather

STS-111 delivered the Expedition Five crew and the Mobile Base System, or
MBS, to the station. The STS-111 astronauts also performed three
spacewalks to continue the on-orbit construction of the station and
unloaded supplies and science experiments Expedition Five crew from the
Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module. 

The Expedition Four crew spent 196 days in space, which gives Flight
Engineers Carl Walz and Dan Bursch the U.S. space flight endurance
record. The previous record was 188 days. Walz also holds the U.S. record
for cumulative time in space with 231 days, and Bursch is second with 227
days. STS-111 Mission Specialist Franklin Chang-Díaz become only the
second human to launch into space seven times during this mission.

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