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TWAVI (This was all very interesting!)  I understood the small words 
"shuttle" an "expensive", but some (most) of the abbreviations have me 
stumped!  I guess if you want to walk the walk, YBTTT! (you better Talk the 
talk!)  :-)

BTW, I got SRB!  :-)

At 17:21 06/18/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>>SLC  was built.  Shuttle could have come and gone from Vandy from it into 
>>more or less polar orbits.  Orbits like the one the shuttle is in today 
>>would be impossible from Vandy...at least under present launch 
>>constraints...think klaunching over the US.
>Interesting.  Didn't know it was actually built .. all I knew was that it 
>was planned, and then I never heard of an STS launch from 
>Vandenberg.  Wish I lived close enough to see it.
>>Sadly (or good) SLC 6 was never used (at least for the shuttle).  The pad 
>>had some inherent design flaws (like allowing H build up), the shuttles 
>>of that era (wht the SRB's and ET of that era) would have carried a crew 
>>and toothbrushes and little else, and the cost to orbit as you point out 
>>were/are tremendous.
>I've been around small quantities of H2 and had them ignite on me by 
>accident.  The quantities they'd handle at the SLC would not be small.
>It takes a lot more delta-V to get to LEO from there.  They have to launch 
>south instead of east, which loses a *lot* of surface velocity from the 
>earth's rotation.  I bet it was expensive.
>>They tried several fixes to make the shuttle carry something.  The first 
>>was to lighten up the SRB's...I recall one static firing where you could 
>>visibily see the cases bulge.  And with the current AiLi ET it probably 
>>could lift something from Vandy...but nothing like an EELV will eventually.
>The SRB casings *bulged*?!  Yeah, and I bet that was before the Challenger 
>explosion too ..
>>If a shuttle lands at Edwards it cost a reasonable amount of money over a 
>>JSC landing.  I dont exactly remember the amount but while trivial by 
>>NASA standards it isnt chicken feed and with the agency spending money at 
>>the rate it is every million helps.
>Who was it that said "Hey, a million here, a million there, and pretty 
>soon you're talking about some real money"?  Seems apropos ..
>"Oh yeah? Well, I speak LOOOOOOOUD, and I carry a BEEEEEEEger stick -- and 
>I use it too!"  **whop!**   -- Yosemite Sam
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Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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