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SLC  was built.  Shuttle could have come and gone from Vandy from it into 
more or less polar orbits.  Orbits like the one the shuttle is in today 
would be impossible from Vandy...at least under present launch 
constraints...think klaunching over the US.

Sadly (or good) SLC 6 was never used (at least for the shuttle).  The pad 
had some inherent design flaws (like allowing H build up), the shuttles of 
that era (wht the SRB's and ET of that era) would have carried a crew and 
toothbrushes and little else, and the cost to orbit as you point out 
were/are tremendous.

They tried several fixes to make the shuttle carry something.  The first was 
to lighten up the SRB's...I recall one static firing where you could 
visibily see the cases bulge.  And with the current AiLi ET it probably 
could lift something from Vandy...but nothing like an EELV will eventually.

If a shuttle lands at Edwards it cost a reasonable amount of money over a 
JSC landing.  I dont exactly remember the amount but while trivial by NASA 
standards it isnt chicken feed and with the agency spending money at the 
rate it is every million helps.


>From: Bruce Bostwick <lihan161051@earthlink.net>
>To: sarex@AMSAT.Org
>Subject: Re: [sarex] STS-111 LANDING ABORTED AGAIN (question)
>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 16:09:39 -0500
>IIRC .. Edwards is a viable landing site, but when an STS lands at
>Edwards it then has to be ferried cross country on the 747 piggyback
>bird, which means a cycle on the mating facility at Edwards, attaching
>the transport fairings, a fuel stop midcontinent somewhere (I remember
>one of the early ferry flights stopping at Bergstrom AFB in Austin years
>ago), and a whole bunch of extra work at KSC starting at the Mate/Demate
>Facility and extra tasks to do in the OPF.  Same with Rota, Kadena, and
>the other alternate landing facilities.  Basically it's a *huge* pain,
>and NASA tends to prefer to wait for the main runway at KSC unless it's
>really not an option at all.
>The original plan was to build an STS *launch* facility in California at
>Vandenberg AFB, but I don't know if that was ever followed up on .. I
>don't think so, because it would require a complete FSS/RSS facility and
>a pad similar to 39A/B at KSC.  This might have been during the initial
>"sales pitch" era when they were still thinking an STS launch would be
>cheaper than an Apollo mission .. ;-)
>On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 01:18 PM, Bruce - KB6LWN wrote:
>>This seems strange to me...
>>I live just to the North of Oakland CA, and the weather
>>here has been Beautiful for the last week, if not just
>>a little on the hot side. Is it REALLY that much different
>>at Edwards AFB that the 'forcasters would have to be looking'
>>for "improving weather" there ?
>>Today (06/18/2002 - Tuesday) is yet ANOTHER clear day here!
>>Surely much better than KSC, esp if there's RAIN there :)
>>I know the 'desired' site is KSC because the families and
>>the media is there, but this makes the second wave-off now,
>>and I'm sure they could probably stay up a few more days
>>with the consumables they have OB, but what's wrong with
>>touching down in CA every so often ?!? (rhetorical question)
>>On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 azrowe@juno.com wrote:
>>>6/18/2002 9:39:5 Endeavour was waved off for the second of two landing
>>>opportunities Tuesday at Kennedy Space Center because of showers,
>>>thunderstorms and clouds. There are two landing opportunities at KSC on
>>>Wednesday, the first at 9:53 a.m. CDT. Edwards Air Force Base in
>>>California offers three additional opportunities. Forecasters see
>>>improving weather at both sites.
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