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IIRC .. Edwards is a viable landing site, but when an STS lands at 
Edwards it then has to be ferried cross country on the 747 piggyback 
bird, which means a cycle on the mating facility at Edwards, attaching 
the transport fairings, a fuel stop midcontinent somewhere (I remember 
one of the early ferry flights stopping at Bergstrom AFB in Austin years 
ago), and a whole bunch of extra work at KSC starting at the Mate/Demate 
Facility and extra tasks to do in the OPF.  Same with Rota, Kadena, and 
the other alternate landing facilities.  Basically it's a *huge* pain, 
and NASA tends to prefer to wait for the main runway at KSC unless it's 
really not an option at all.

The original plan was to build an STS *launch* facility in California at 
Vandenberg AFB, but I don't know if that was ever followed up on .. I 
don't think so, because it would require a complete FSS/RSS facility and 
a pad similar to 39A/B at KSC.  This might have been during the initial 
"sales pitch" era when they were still thinking an STS launch would be 
cheaper than an Apollo mission .. ;-)

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 01:18 PM, Bruce - KB6LWN wrote:

> This seems strange to me...
> I live just to the North of Oakland CA, and the weather
> here has been Beautiful for the last week, if not just
> a little on the hot side. Is it REALLY that much different
> at Edwards AFB that the 'forcasters would have to be looking'
> for "improving weather" there ?
> Today (06/18/2002 - Tuesday) is yet ANOTHER clear day here!
> Surely much better than KSC, esp if there's RAIN there :)
> I know the 'desired' site is KSC because the families and
> the media is there, but this makes the second wave-off now,
> and I'm sure they could probably stay up a few more days
> with the consumables they have OB, but what's wrong with
> touching down in CA every so often ?!? (rhetorical question)
> Bruce
> On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 azrowe@juno.com wrote:
>> 6/18/2002 9:39:5 Endeavour was waved off for the second of two landing
>> opportunities Tuesday at Kennedy Space Center because of showers,
>> thunderstorms and clouds. There are two landing opportunities at KSC on
>> Wednesday, the first at 9:53 a.m. CDT. Edwards Air Force Base in
>> California offers three additional opportunities. Forecasters see
>> improving weather at both sites.
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