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STS-111 & ISS NEWS FOR 6/8/2002

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

The information contained in this report is a compilation of the last 24
hours of new updates. Older items are removed daily during the mission. 
Time Posted News Item 
6/8/2002 17:5:4 The crew aboard the International Space Station entered
the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) at about 4:52 pm CDT
to begin transfer of about three tons of equipment and supplies to the
orbiting outpost.
6/8/2002 12:46:30 At 10:00 a.m. Central time today, International Space
Station flight controllers reported that one of four Control Moment
Gyroscopes (CMG) on the station's Z1 Truss, which provide the majority of
attitude control for the complex, experienced an underspeed, or loss of
revolution per minute capability, apparently because of the failure of an
internal spin bearing.

Astronauts inside the station's Unity module radioed that they felt a
growling vibration, apparently associated with the spindown of the CMG.

The loss of the CMG will have no impact on the STS-111 or ISS operations
for the newly arrived Expedition Five crew since there are three other
healthy CMGs and only two are required to maintain full attitude control
for the 154-ton complex.

Meanwhile, the astronauts and cosmonauts pressed ahead with work to enter
the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module for the start of the transfer
of almost three tons of logistics and supplies for Expedition Five
Commander Valery Korzun and Flight Engineers Peggy Whitson and Sergei
6/8/2002 9:52:3 Endeavour Commander Ken Cockrell and Mission Specialist
Philippe Perrin completed a smooth installation of the Leonardo
Multi-Purpose Logistics Module on the International Space Station this
morning, deftly attaching the large cargo carrier to the nadir berthing
port of the Unity module to set the stage for the transfer of almost
three tons of equipment and supplies for the newly arrived Expedition
Five crew.

Leonardo's installation was confirmed at 9:28 a.m. Central time, just one
hour after it was unberthed from Endeavour's cargo bay. The module's
hatch will be opened later today and transfer operations will begin.
Leonardo will be returned to the shuttle's cargo bay on Friday, the day
before Endeavour undocks from the ISS.

The successful installation was the highlight activity of the day along
with the start of handover conferences between the Expedition Five crew,
which is beginning 4 1/2 months aboard the ISS, and the Expedition Four
crew, which yesterday handed over control of station operations after 181
days in charge.

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