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For Claudio LW6EGF

Hi Everybody,

(English - Spanish)

Claudio, I don´t see your e-mail adress in your original mail, so that´s
why I´m writing to sarex. Please contact me directly, so you can tell me
what have you done to contact ISS. Maybe I can help you with some tips.

Para Claudio, no veo tu correo electronico en tu mensaje original, por
lo que te escribo a traves de sarex. Por favor contactame a mi mail
directamente, de manera que me digas lo que has hecho para contactar la
ISS. Quizas te pueda ayudar con algunas ideas claves.

Thanks and keep working on the ISS

Rafael - XE2MUO
Monterrey, México


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 Claudio I Vicondoa
 Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 04:15
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 first apologize for my bad english.
 Im trying to conect whit some stations who talk onto ISS but all my
 is wrong, I read the instructions on the web site but nothing, no way,
 ham´s in South America heard for me but I not connect, WHY?.
 Please anybody send to me a method of contact whit ISS.
 Thanks for all.
 Claudio LW6EGF
 Carmen de Areco, Bs.As.

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