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Roberto Vittori over Europe


Today, around 1220 UTC Roberto Vittori was clearly
heard on 145.800 Mhz.
We was trying to work Italian hams but it wasn't easy...
He picked parts of one callsign, and mention it was a 
pleasure to him to spoke to his country via ham radio.
He also mentioned that morning he shot some pictures 
of Rome, despite the cloudy weather over Italy.
Than he tried to pick more, but it was impossible. He
said something about an alternative channel, but he kept
on the same frequency, and ended speaking to everybody
about his mission and the life on ISS.
Although the signal was strong, the audio level was quite 
low, and packet could also be heard (maybe he didn't
done the right procedure to turn the pk off?) 
Even so, it was very nice to hear him!
All other pass's PK was on, including the one who was
schedulled a school contact!

Best 73 
F.Costa, CT1EAT

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