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Kolibri droping 3+ KM per day

Hi everone:
The ISS launched Kolibri RS-21 satellite is dropping fast.
The keps i posted earlier today are 10 minnutes off from
the newer keps i found from april 28.  
if you are tracking RS-21, make sure your keps are less than 3 days old
or else you may miss the pass completely.

keps april 28
1 27394U 01051C   02118.91153704  .01551966  14070-2  28475-2 0   912
2 27394  51.6267 295.9751 0012488 289.2154  70.7507 16.00816847  6302
Primary Downlink  435.335  MHz CW/FSK (Doppler 435.325 - 435.345)
Backup Downlink  145.825 MHz CW/FSK (Doppler 145.820 - 145.830)
Kolibri will be transiting usually on the Primary channel of 435.335
mc.  The Backup channel has been used occasionally.  When you are
listening for Kolibri, make sure you check both channels and you should
adjust for Doppler shift.  You may also want to have you tape recorder
handy to record the voice recording from Kolibri.
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