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Shutteworth Contacts


If you look at Mark Shuttleworth's school group schedule, you see that he 
is making contacts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this 
week.  Roberto Vittori will be making a school group contact on 
Saturday.  Wednesday appears to be an open area.

While I cannot be certain on this, it may be prudent to listen in for 
potential general QSO ops in your area on Wednesday May 1.

Please remember the voice general QSO freqs:

Downlink:  145.80 world-wide


144.49  (Americas and the Pacific)
145.20 (Europe, Central Asia, Africa)

If you hear a crew member, please do not transmit unless you hear that they 
are calling.  They may already be in contact with someone else.

As I stated, I am not sure if they will be on, but thought I would bring 
this idea to your attention.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

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