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ISS Packet and Voice tips


Hi all,
i have posted some unofficial tips on Voice and packet operations
for the ISS Station.

Dear Claudio:
There are three (3) reasons why you may not be able to talk to
ISS, even though you may be hearing someone on ISS talking to
Amateur Radio station on earth.

1. You or the ISS may be on the wrong Public channel.
ISS changes channels depending on what part of the world
they are flying near.  There are 4 public channels
you should have your radio programed for all 4 sets of public channels.

2. Your signal may be too weak.  When the ISS is on a public voice
there may be a hundred stations calling back on voice at the same time.
The ISS will only hear the station that is 10 times stronger than the
average background noise.

3. The ISS may be talking to a School or other prearranged radio
schedule.  When ISS talks to a School, they do not use the 
Public radio channels for Uplink.  The ISS will use one of 60+
different channel uplink combinations for security reasons.
Many times you will be able to hear the ISS transmitting
to a school on 145.800,however the ISS receiver is listening
to a different non published channel elsewhere (different freq. for
different parts of the world. All frequencies used are in
accordance with international satellite ITU laws)

It is possible to work the ISS with a low power QRP station.
However during special events such as Docking Missions, crew changes
or new tourist arrivals, there is a large jump in stations calling
the ISS during these weeks.
If  you are a low power station, suggest you just listen during
peak activity weeks, unless you live in a remote part of the world
or ISS is flying over your house at 3am.
Read the web section on QRP.

good luck

Claudio I Vicondoa wrote:
> Hi,everybody
> first apologize for my bad english.
> Im trying to conect whit some stations who talk onto ISS but all my trying
> is wrong, I read the instructions on the web site but nothing, no way, some
> ham´s in South America heard for me but I not connect, WHY?.
> Please anybody send to me a method of contact whit ISS.
> Thanks for all.
> Claudio LW6EGF
> Carmen de Areco, Bs.As.
> Argentina
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