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Re: Re: PC SAT

On Sun, 28 Apr 2002 CDixon6901@aol.com wrote:

> Tis a shame that Bob and his young lady could not have had an internet
> telelink to a computerised system downunder. Bob, may be you might
> consider having a couple of friends around the world to help provide you
> with these on the next satellite you have launched...

Actually, that was/is the design goal of PCsat.  That is, to use the
internet for worldwide access for telemetry and commanding.  Since laucnh,
ALL of our telemetry comes in and is logged automatically from around the
world via the APRS worldwide  APRS internet system.

Even when PCsat is in view of Maryland and we are comanding, we dont save
any capture files, because everything is always being fed by SATgates
everywhere into APRS and the automatic system just keeps sucking it in.

So one PC running ALOGGER on the APRS system captures every packet we need
around the world since launch. (but we could always use more SATgates
feeding from both PCsat, and ISS, and NO45.

Such SATgates are nothing but a WHIP antnena, connected to a 2m Radio and
TNC and to a PC on the internet.  Yes, we expected to be able to command
PCsat over the internet in the reverse direction as well, but just have
not gotten around to it...  It takes a little software work, and we have
been too busy...

In fact some individuals have set up their stations individual for such
access, but the commands and controls and passwords and connections and
sequenceis are all different, and so it has been easier just to not
bother.  But we DO dream of the day when we have a consistent system for
telemetry and commanding all satellties on 145.825.. via the internet...

ANyone want to write it?

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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