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Re: Re: Mark Shuttlesworth call sign?

Donuts anyone?

I have to admit, yes this is GREAT exposure to HAM RADIO!
It will be good that Mark will make history, and expose a lot of kids to 
space, science and HAM Radio.
Too bad he isn't a ham "yet".

I think that there are a lot of positives to the whole event.
More power to Mark Shuttleworth!

I also remember when you need an EXTRA Class to do Space operations.

Boy, times sure have changed.........
>From an EXTRA operator ONLY in space to nocoders...
Now milti millionairs are included.
I guess it is whatever it takes to PROMOTE the HOBBY/Service?
I am sure lawyers have a hand in this somewhere....

I sure hope we don't get a PAYING CBer up in space to JAW on the Radido.

So many work very hard for their ticket, and all the sudden it dosen't seem 
to hold the same VALUE......

Look for the Motion Picture to be made........ $$$

Any Bets??
(Using Amateur Radio for personal gain is a NO-NO....)

73, Scott

>From: BillWA6ITF@aol.com
>To: web@global.co.za, sarex@AMSAT.Org
>Subject: Re: [sarex] Re: Mark Shuttlesworth call sign?
>Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 14:53:39 EDT
>I fully agree.  The positive public exposure for ham radio -- at a time it 
>most needed -- really outweighs any negative in the mind of the ham
>community.  As I often say in the dinner talks / speeches I give around the
>USA:  "Get with the program.  Its the 21st century and this ain't your
>granddaddy's ham radio anymore."
>However, here in the USA I do not think Mark Shuttlewotrth will garner the
>public interest that Dennis Tito did last year.  What the US press is 
>up for is for when 'teen rock idol' Lance Bass (who one-fifth the teen mega
>million record/cd selling pop group N'SYNC) flies in November.  All that is
>needed is to get Bass on the air once -- talking to one kid on the ground 
>and get it publicized -- and that action could have the affect of turning
>10's of thousands if not 100's of thousands on to ham radio as being "the 
>thing" and crowding the ham bands with "young voices" in a very short time
>after his flight.  If you have ever seen the lines outside of an N'SYNC or
>Brittney Spears concert -- or the reaction of 100,000 squealing fans inside
>-- you know what I mean.
>Bei ng in the TV news business in Hollywood I see it all the time.  
>the 'teen idol du jour' says -- every teen says.  If he or she has a 
>twang in the voice, every kid will emulate that twang for the next year or
>Whatever way that teen idol does his/her hair -- the teens of the world do
>their hair.
>Whatever the "teen idol" is seen wearing -- very teen wants to wear -- and
>will go and buy.
>And I am willing to predict that should Bass get on the air from ISS and 
>ham radio to talk to a teen or two -- that the world will see an interest 
>ham radio by youngsters that the world has never seen before.  That's the
>phenomenal power in the "teen music scene" these days.
>Its a multi-billion dollar a year business that has the teens of the world
>following like the fabled "Pied Piper of Hamlin."  And if we hams can get
>past our own 'holier than thou" attitude to the rest of the world outside 
>hobby, we can exploit the Bass trip to the ISS to bring thousands of 
>new young hams into the hobby.  And that is something I personally would 
>to see happen.
>I agree with you.  Ham radio has everything to gain and nothing to loose 
>these 'tourists' to space coming onto the ham bands.  The more exposure we
>get, the more we insure our own future.
>Thank you for taking such a positive view.
>Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF
>In a message dated 4/26/02 9:46:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
>  However, it's only a temporary callsign (valid for three months), there 
>is a
>  HUGE amount of interest, both nationally and internationally, in Mark's
>  trip.  I think a lot of good can come from him using amateur radio
>  (especially possibly getting kids interested) and who knows, he might get
>  hooked and one day become a real amateur.
>  73
>  Ray (ZS6RSW) >>
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