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RE: Re: Mark Shuttlesworth call sign?

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> 	From: BillWA6ITF@aol.com
> 	What the US press is gearing up for is for when 'teen rock idol'
> 	Lance Bass (who one-fifth the teen mega million 
> record/cd selling
> 	pop group N'SYNC) flies in November.  All that is needed is to
> 	get Bass on the air once -- talking to one kid on the ground --
> 	and get it publicized -- and that action could have the affect
> 	of turning 10's of thousands if not 100's of thousands on to ham
> 	radio as being "the in thing" and crowding the ham bands with
> 	"young voices" in a very short time after his flight.  
> Bill (or anyone else), do you know whether Bass has expressed 
> an interest 
> in using ham radio during his flight? If not, is anyone here 
> in a position
> to present the idea to him?

I am not against kids getting licensed.  I have elmered a few.  But this
seems like getting a license for all the wrong reasons.  Better they
should wait for the movie!

Mike.  KD9KC
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