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Re: Re: Mark Shuttlesworth call sign?

	From: BillWA6ITF@aol.com

	What the US press is gearing up for is for when 'teen rock idol'
	Lance Bass (who one-fifth the teen mega million record/cd selling
	pop group N'SYNC) flies in November.  All that is needed is to
	get Bass on the air once -- talking to one kid on the ground --
	and get it publicized -- and that action could have the affect
	of turning 10's of thousands if not 100's of thousands on to ham
	radio as being "the in thing" and crowding the ham bands with
	"young voices" in a very short time after his flight.  

Bill (or anyone else), do you know whether Bass has expressed an interest 
in using ham radio during his flight? If not, is anyone here in a position
to present the idea to him?

Patty N6BIS

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