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IMAX at Simons Theater Boston "Space Station"

Just saw the movie tonight and it is definitely worth going to ...the Movie 
is 100% footage shot by NASA, Russian Space Agency and the Astronauts and 
Cosmonauts themselves..... IN 3D !!!!

Yes you have to wear those silly glasses but it is dark and everyone else is 
wearing them too....one Ham Radio school contact is shown from both 
ends....tried to pull the uplink freq off the rig but no luck.....hihi

The movie is 45 minutes long...was sold out on Saturday's 4:30 show...but it 
was a really nice day out so everyone was at the Aquarium anyway.

The cost was $8 each which included a $.50 surcharge for booking over the 
telephone 3 hours before the show.

Go see it! 


They had the good popcorn with Theater butter too! 
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