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Re: Mark Shuttlesworth call sign?

> On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, wade norris k5wpn wrote:
> > Well that does it the only place were money does not count has been
> > destroy by this gent.I don't care how much money he has he should have
> > not got even a temp license.He should go and do it the correct way
> > instead of this happening.This is a black eye to all the ham in the
> > world and all those now that are SK.But that just shows how the human
> > race has changed.This is a sad day in Ham radio.... Wade Norris K5Wpn
> > Mars call AAR6IW Duncan,Oklahoma
> Oh, I donno.  He sure went though a lot more work, effort and training to
> get on this flight than any no-code Tech.  I will be glad to have a new
> HAM in space to talk to...
> WB4APR, Bob

This has gone on for years.  I do not believe JY1 took an exam, and I would
not be surprised if the king of Spain did not take one either.  On the
whole, I believe the positive P.R. from our famous "Hambassadors" is a plus
for the hobby.  It sounds to me like we are going to get lots of mileage (ie
good press) from ZS RSA.


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