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Re: Mark Shuttlesworth call sign?


Yes, Mark Shuttleworth got a special Temporary Honorary Amateur Radio 
Station License.  It is an unusual call with no numbers associated with it.

The call is ZS RSA.  It was given to him on March 20, 2002.  I have a copy 
of this license.

As many have seen, we will be doing 4 school group venues with some South 
African school students and Mark.  These are expected to start on 
Monday.  We are also working with Mark's team on some potential general 
QSOs. There is nothing on the table yet, but probably will be after the 
school contacts.

We will keep the community informed of any updates as we get them.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

At 02:37 PM 4/25/02 -0400, Miles wrote:
>does anyone know Mark Shuttlesworth call sign?
>thanks Miles

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