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Shenandoah ARISS contact a success

Shenandoah ARISS contact a success

Shenandoah Elementary School located in Orlando, Florida, just completed a very successful ARISS contact with NA1SS.  Congratulations to Carl Walz KC5TIE operating NA1SS and Kimberly Campbell KG4IZR, who was the control operator and the organizing teacher.  The students did an absolutely great job.

A total of 15 students were able to talk with Carl about his life on the ISS.  The contact occurred within seconds of predicted AOS (2002-04-23 14:16 UC) and lasted right up to LOS.  The contact was re-transmitted on a local Orlando repeater and there were several TV stations and newspapers in attendance.

Alessandra Patteson asked:  “Are you able to communicate with your family when you are in space and if so, how often?”  Carl indicated that he talks to them almost daily and makes use of an Internet Phone system to do that.

Charles Babir asked:  “From what I have read about it, I think astronauts have a very interesting job.  I would like to know if you have time to read in space, and so, what do you like to read?”  Carl said that he reads several electronic newspapers including the New York Times.

Austin Gentry asked:  “What would you do if your ship went out of control because of a black hole?”  Carl said that would be scary as you would not be able to get out of a black hole.  He went on to explain that the ISS did experience control problems some time ago and that the controllers in Houston and Moscow helped them to regain control.

Local ham help included Joe Singer N4IPV (who provided a great amount of equipment), Ed Cox K3SWJ, and Lou McFadin W5DID.

This contact represents the 56th successful ARISS contact.  Congratulations once again to Carl, Kim, the ARISS partners, and all of the Shenandoah students and ham crew.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
ARISS mentor for Shenandoah

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