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Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

  Thu. Apr. 04, 2002  
Atlantis gets ready for launch 
Associated Press 
The crew of space shuttle Atlantis, which is scheduled to launch
Thursday, April 4, poses in front of the shuttle. Left to right are
Mission Specialists Steven Smith, Jerry Ross and Lee Morin; Pilot Stephen
Frick; Mission Specialist Rex Walheim; Commander Michael Bloomfield; and
Mission Specialist Ellen Ochoa. The 11-day mission is the 13th assembly
flight to the international space station. 
Hydrogen leak scrubs shuttle launch till Sunday 
NASA postponed today's space shuttle launch when it discovered a launch
pad hydrogen leak. Atlantis won't lift off until at least Sunday so the
leak of highly flammable liquid 37 feet above the pad can be repaired. 
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