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Re: ISS PMS message list (1900z 3 Mar)

on 3/5/02 6:54 PM, Dino Darling at k6rix@arrl.net wrote:

> I've been thinking...how about either PSK or 9600 on 70cm ONLY for PMS use.
> This would eliminate the congestion on 2 meters.
> This would sure narrow the field to those willing to put money towards space
> digital communications.

I'm not so sure this would constitute a "solution", simply a forced
reduction of the people who can afford to use it. While the idea of limiting
use to people who are willing to drop money on something seems like a great
idea from the point of view with a person who can do that, some of us would
be cut out of the loop unfairly, I feel. I, for instance, drop around thirty
thousand dollars a year on my college education, and since that is full time
I have zero income. That cam make it pretty difficult to scrape together the
cash for a 9600bps or PSK modem. The reason I love the ISS and PCSat is that
they allow me to experience digital satellite communications with a 50
dollar radio, 20 dollar TNC, and a 10 dollar antenna. PCSat especially seems
to be "The People's Satellite" in cost, complexity, and ease of use.. Lol..

I'm not intending to flame here. Just wanted to point out the other side of
that particular coin.. It's like saying, "why don't we just program the PMS
to not respond to people with K calls?"


73s de N1XBP

Jason White

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