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Re: PMS usage suggestions?

On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, Tim Cunningham wrote:

> We cannot rely on the human interface to make this work. History tells
> us it did not happen in all the years the PBBS flew on MIR. Why would
> that change now? If we do not accept that reality, we are only fooling
> ourselves and continuing the same type of activity. Rules imposed on
> the human interface will not fix the perceived problem.

I agree with Tim's analysis of the PMS situation... And I can coment on
the rhetorical question he raised in his second sentence.  What didn't
work on MIR and what probably won't work on ISS is vague guidance and
Draconian rules that try to legislate access based on content, or
which apply to some people and not to others or which seem arbitrary.

To avoid this with PCsat (an identical system to MIR and ISS) we published
the User-Service-Agreement and told users that the satellite was open to
anyone who would use it as long as they  operated in accordance with the
guidelines.  To date we have seen almost perfect adherence to the
guidelines.  Of course, PCsat does not have the intense Public Relations
popularity as ISS, so that may explain why it appears that HAMS are
generaly following the guildelines.. but I like to think that some of it
is because the guidelines are clear, and do not try to legislate on
content but on a system of priority of access determined by the end user.

By spelling out distinct levels of priority that everyone can evaluate,
according to his own situation at the time, and respect those decisions of
others, everyone gets an equal chance.  And even though PCsat has 2 flying
PBBS systems, on line and active, users have fully respected the guidance
on their use.

So I think humans will follow the rules as long as the rules are
consistent, meaningful, and are such that they will reduce the general
load while allowing the PBBS to be used in a manner that benefits the
largest asepect of HAM radio (not necessarily individuals)...   But
setting up those guidelines is a very challenging process so that achieve
the proper balance between access, and minimizing QRM.

Jst my 2 cents

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