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Re: PMS usage suggestions?

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Margaret Leber wrote:

> In fact, I'd argue that it *shouldn't* be used that way at *least* 
> until there's somebody on orbit who has the time and inclination to 
> read these messages, or even post some of their own. For now, 
> digipeating UI frames is what the TNC does well. Once ARISS has a 
> dedicated console up there, all kinds of new, additional "intelligent" 
> things can be done using the TNC in KISS mode...and I think *none* of 
> them are likely to be done well with AX.25 protocol connections as we 
> know them today, or the kind of operation that the PMS programming was 
> designed for.        

100% agreement here.  Thanks for the post Maggie...

I vote for assigning the ISS an AMPR.ORG IP address and
using a layered protocol (tcp/ip) for message handling,
when that time comes...  <---------------

APRS is a GREAT system (Thank you Bob!)
Sure wish there were an easy way to
integrate APRS features into JNOS.


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