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> G'day Hasan,
> With respect for what you wrote I feel that the Keps update on the PMS 
> is not
> wasted, I can remember many years ago when Dave used to put them up on 
> MIR, I,
> like many others didn't have the internet or packet to download from 
> and relied
> on getting them of the bird so I could keep track of it. Thanks Dave
> Yes, we have come a long way in ten years,  but there are still many 
> amateurs in
> the world who don't have this access, and to get the Keps of the ISS 
> PMS and be
> able to use packet is a real thrill for them.
> I do agree that some big guns just "hog" the system which is 
> unfortunate and it
> should be discouraged, but I don't know how!
>       Regards Tony.
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If there is some way to ensure that everyone is using packet software 
that can capture data from other connections, this would be practical.  
I have to agree that if anyone is using packet software that has to be 
connected to display any data in connected mode, this becomes extremely 
impractical since a small number of high-powered stations get to connect 
during any one pass and the remaining few thousand get nothing.  This 
isn't the kind of problem over South Australia that it is over North 

If the PMS could support multiple concurrent connections, this would 
change the equation significantly, but if only one station can connect 
at a time, that one station can conceivably use up almost an entire pass 
at ISS' altitude ..

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