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hasan schiers wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> Most hams in this country read english and it hasn't stopped them from
> connecting to the BBS nearly every day. Babelfish notwithstanding.
> The same W3J** (with no email address on qrz.com) has connected two days
> running and taken over most of the central USA pass and accomplished
> nothing. With no way to contact him and since he apparently doesn't read
> this list, we just have to put up with it.
> I don't understand the fascination with the bbs, especially when it is so
> dysfunctional. I wish they would turn it off, and I agree, uploading keplers
> to the bbs is insane. There are a bajillion sources of keplers right here in
> "River City". Why would we upload a file that will tempt the users to

G'day Hasan,
With respect for what you wrote I feel that the Keps update on the PMS is not
wasted, I can remember many years ago when Dave used to put them up on MIR, I,
like many others didn't have the internet or packet to download from and relied
on getting them of the bird so I could keep track of it. Thanks Dave
Yes, we have come a long way in ten years,  but there are still many amateurs in
the world who don't have this access, and to get the Keps of the ISS PMS and be
able to use packet is a real thrill for them.
I do agree that some big guns just "hog" the system which is unfortunate and it
should be discouraged, but I don't know how!

      Regards Tony.

 Aust. ARISS Co-ordinator
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