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Re: PMS usage suggestions?

I think the "publishing" part might be some of the problem....I find it hard 
to believe that anyone who subscribes and reads this and the amsat-bb list 
would continue to connect for no purpose day after day, bringing on the wrath 
of all the others who are exposed to it.

My assumptions are:

1) Not every ham has a computer
2) Every ham who has a computer doesn't subscribe to these lists
3) Not every ham is a member of SAREX, AMSAT or ARRL, so they get no current 
4) Some of the people connecting are doing it because they do not know how to 
UNPROTO and the default of the TNC's is CONNECT
5) For some reason they were not CONNECTing with NOCALL
6) Someone has to "mail" these guys and explain the "rules"...whatever they 
may be...preferably a SYSOP who has the power of the "rules"


P.S. If I wanted to destroy someone's credibility I would change my call to 
their's in my TNC and connect day in and day out...teeing everyone off .....a 

In a message dated 03/03/2002 12:42:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bruninga@usna.edu writes:

<< I think most people will follow the guidance as long as the "guidance" is
 well  known and published so that everyone understands the same
 guidelines. I think Frank and Miles are working on something to publish. >>

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