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Re: PMS usage suggestions?

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Tim wrote:

> Having watched the MIR... [and] the current date ISS activity, it is not
> reasonable to expect that everybody will follow rules....
> <snip>
> The question I should have asked before rambling is what is the
> goal of the Amateur Radio equipment onboard the ISS and what
> service is it intended to provide?

I think most people will follow the guidance as long as the "guidance" is
well  known and published so that everyone understands the same
guidelines. I think Frank and Miles are working on something to publish.

We were very careful with PCsat to publish up-front a user-operations-
agreement so that everyone knew what was expected and what guildelines
would work best for the overall benefit of everyone.  Conversly we tried
to define flexibility into the guidelines so that users could interpret
their immediate usage requirements relative to the norm and could with
impunity adjust their uplink to match their immediate need relative to
others, such as live demos, urgent messaging or special travelers.

I want to see the PBBS used responsibly for the benefit of HAM radio.  I
think there can be a generalized set of rules that give each and every
operator the guidance he needs while permiting special higher priority
operations as needed.

Some suggestions made so far:

1) Encourage all ground-user software to capture and rebuild in monitor
mode all MESSAGE LIST data...  Thus, everyone gets a copy without having
to connect.

2) Establish a TIME STANDARD.  Users may use the PBBS if they agree to an
elappsed time of X seconds between their first CONNECT REQUEST and their
DISCONNECT request.  If their station is incabable of doing this from
their location, in their area of the world at that time of day, then they
owe it to their fellow hams to not even try.

3) Establish different guidelines for categories of stations.  This builds
flexibiilty into the guildelines so that the end user who is in the best
position to know his immediate communication need can have a guildeline
for evaluating his needs against all others..

   A) VIP DEMOS, SPECIAL Schools, Special event stations
   B) All other schools and "out-reach" groups with "groups" in attendance
   C) Individual stations under SPECIAL circumstances
   D) All other stations
   E) low power stations 5W

Or something like that...

de WB4APR, Bob

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