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Re: PMS usage suggestions?

On 3 Mar 2002, Scott Avery wrote about time to Access the PBBS on ISS:

> That is a good question! Considering optimum conditions, and no QRM it
> would take about 2 minutes.  This includes the connection time, listing,
> and reading, then disconnecting.  That would exceed a 1 minute rule.

Actually, I think it can be done much faster if the station is ready to
go.  I think  well under a minute, but I only suggested a minute as a
round number that everyone could remember.  Of  course "most" stations
will have ZERO success in the actual operating conditions and should not
even try so that others who do have a chance can get in-and-off in such a
short time.

Again, I am not making a judgement on whether anyone should use the PMS or
not, but just trying to EXPLORE ideas on how to change the status quo)...

The most "operative" word in my suggestion was that a PMS user should
DISCONNECT on schedule, rather than tying up the asset.  This will greatly
improve what we saw and are seeing on previous PMS operations in space.
No matter how much is buffered up and RETRYING and NO ACKS are getting
though, a DISCONNECT request has about the highest probablity of success
because it bypasses all stuck packets and is also extremenly short.  THus
its probability of getting through is much higher.  and will free up the
PMS for the next user.

The last thing we want to see is TIMEOUTS!
In fact, here would be another GUIDELINE for the FAIR-PLAY rule book
for ISS (all games have rules to let everyone know how to play...)

* If you timeout and fail to successfuly disconnect, then you must take a
penalty lap or sit in the penalty box.  The penalty may be for the next
pass or the next day... anyway,  something to encourage people that
failing to get a successful DISCONNECT  is the worst thing for everyone...

THis means that the PMS DISCONNECTS from you.  Just "sending" a dicsonnect
does not count...  If you cannot be successful with a disconnect, then you
should not be transmitting... (tough rule, but the only one that will
imrove the chances for everyone)...

Again, I think if everyone understands and works to the same guidelines,
in a gentlmemenly manner, then we will see an order of magnitude better
success with this PMS.

This is not to say that there is ever a rule that would work well to
balance the playing field to let the  guy on rollerscates race in the
INDY-500...  He ain't goona win and will only mess up the track...

Just kibitzing..
de WB4APR, Bob

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