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ISS Packet Radio System Sys Ops


To end all the speculation on this topic, we developed this system upfront 
to have remote capabilities.  And yes, if needed, we could disable the PMS 
functions remotely.  We also have sysops in place.

The team has not elected to do much at this point because we want the 
amateur community to have as much use of the system as possible.  We don't 
want to interfere with the community's use of packet during a pass or two.

Personally, I do not think posting keps on ISS is a good use of the little 
time the ISS is overhead a particular area.  But, like any amateur radio 
activity (and internet activity for that matter), we do not want to get too 
heavy handed in policing activities....unless someone breaks the rules and 
regulations of amateur radio.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the ARISS team would prefer 
that the amateur radio community not use the mailbox capability on ISS at 
this time.  Let's allow as many people to use the system as possible and 
unproto/digi is the way to go right now.  Also, messages to the crew will 
just be deleted at a later date.  This crew in particular will be going 
home in a couple a months and we don't expect the computer to be hooked up 
by then.

Enjoy the packet radio system!

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

 >Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 18:08:51 -0800
 >From: "Scott Avery" <wa6lie@msn.com>
 >Subject: Re: [sarex] PMS usage suggestions?
 >You took the words right out of my mouth!!
 >I do not know if there is REMOTE capapilities with the current TNC.
 >On MIR, I insisted that there was REMOTE capabitities!!!
 >It WAS the ONLY way to do what you describe.
 >Like, turning the PMS (PBBS)OFF from the ground.
 >Limiting messages TO only RS0ISS and rejecting Personal mail from one
 >station to another....
 >Yeah.. A lot to think about!! That is why I hated seeing MIR go..
 >Was a well oiled machine!!

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