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PMS usage suggestions?

There will of course be no universal agreement of the best way to use the
PMS on orbit, but we do need to look at some strategies that might help
in defining expectations for maximum utility of the asset.

Here is just one such possibility to consider over populated continents:

(*) A user is limited to one minute.

   This means, the clock starts when you send your first connect request,
   and  the buzzer goes off when 1 minute is up.  At that point, you must
   issue a disconnect.

The logic behind this recommendation is as follows.

1) It would allow as  many as say a dozen or more successful users per
   pass over the USA and or europe (if they do it right)
2) It would encourage users to know in advance how to work it
3) It would encourage people to prepare their uplinks OFF LINE.
4) It would encourage people to get the message list by monitoring someone
   elses downlink rather than wasting their precious minute with a
   duplicate download of the same user list.
5) Awards could be given for the shortest access times. (You can get a
   list in under 15 seconds Connect-to-disconect)
6) It would encourage stations to use the proper station for SUCCESS.
   (constant retries means your station is not up to the task)
7) Each person's access is an EQUAL measureable quantity.  We no longer
   have to make subjective judgements about "other peoples" use of the
8) The order of magnitude higher "success" rate would reward everyone
   monitoring with being able to capture the essence of the PMS traffic
   without even connecting.
9) We would have a working PMS that shows the world what Amateur radio can

The status-quo alternative of having it turned off, and or quibbling
forever about who should and who should not be using it doesnt do anyone
any good...

just an idea...

de WB4APR, Bob

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